Relax Recharge and Renew

An Integral Yoga & Spa Retreat Weekend
Continental House, Hepburn Springs

7th -9th August 2015

After the wonderful programs earlier this year with Swami Ramananda, the Victorian Integral Yoga Association was delighted to offer a mid-winter retreat.

We dove into the many practices of Integral Yoga and experienced their power to transform our lives, allowing us to let go of whatever is no longer serving us and open to the ever deepening experience of our true nature—always peaceful, joyful and free.


The program  included:

  • Daily Hatha Yoga, deep relaxation, breathing practices and meditation
  • Q & A discussion on Yoga practices and philosophy
  • Exploring Jnana Yoga (the Yoga of the intellect)— “Who am I?”: Looking underneath the roles we play and the stories we identify with to connect with our deeper sense of being and purpose
  • Exploring how we can build a home practice and integrate Yoga into daily life
  • Optional spa treatments—massage, mineral baths etc*
  • A Satsang program on Saturday evening—with teachings from Swami Satchidananda, kirtan (chanting) and meditation focussing on connecting with and healing our Earth
  • Delicious organic vegan meals and snacks
  • Free time* to connect with nature and like-minded people, and have fun!




Retreat Schedule




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