Melbourne Programs

An Evening with Swami Ramananda: Yoga Practice and Q & A

Carnegie Library and Community Centre, Boyd Room

Tuesday January 10, 6-9pm

“I liked the balance of teaching, stretching, music, poetry and questions. Wonderfully fluid.”

This workshop will include a Hatha Yoga Class, deep relaxation and meditation taught by Swami Ramananda. Following the class, a light meal will be provided (organic vegetable soup) followed by a question and answer session where Swamiji will answer questions about Yoga practices – a wonderful opportunity to experience the wisdom he brings from his many decades of teaching and practice and his time of direct study with Swami Satchidananda, the founder of Integral Yoga. This class will be suitable for those new to yoga and more experienced practitioners.

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Private/Small Group Sessions / Mentoring with Swami Ramananda

Wednesday January 11, by appointment in a private residence.

Swami Ramananda will be offering private/small group classes / mentoring and coaching – this is an ideal and rare opportunity to benefit from his vast experience in a very personalised way. Please call Chitra 5427 4895 for more info or Click to submit your expression of interest.

“Swamiji’s ‘…approach really demystified Hatha Yoga for me.’”

SPECIAL EVENT – Satsang (yoga talk) with Swami Ramananda, Sacred Sound: Chanting with Jarek Czechowicz

Saturday January 21, 6.00 – 9.30pm

Imagine yourself entering a deeply meditative social space with people who feel like old friends. You’re welcomed by the sounds of harmonium and kirtan (call and response chanting). Then, moving into complete relaxation, you’re nourished through the insightful and captivating spiritual stories of Swami Ramananda, and uplifted through universal chants for awakening by Jarek Czechowicz.


Augustine Centre, Habitat Uniting Church
2 Minona St, Hawthorn, Vic 3122

Contact Details:

Information:   Website:   Phone: 0411 639 081


The  evening will including a light supper.

Booking via Jarek Czechowicz – Click here to book for this event only.

Yoga for Stress Management

Carnegie Library and Community Centre, Boyd Room

Sunday January 22, 9.30am – 5pm

“The style, structure and format of Swamiji’s presentation was ‘very down to earth and engaging, information was presented in ‘an informal, relaxed and accessible way.’”

This program will include presentations, discussion and yoga practices. It is suitable for those new to yoga and experienced practitioners.

During this program, Swami Ramananda will share his four decades of experience in Yoga and his particular focus on applying yogic practices and understandings as tools for stress management in every day living.

The deep wisdom that Yoga brings to human stress and suffering helps us understand that stress begins in the mind, with how we interpret events.

The practices we will explore together, done regularly, even for a short time daily, can create a deeply rooted sense of inner steadiness that enables us to withstand life’s frequent trials. As we cultivate internal steadiness, we also develop the present moment awareness needed to make conscious choices when crises arise, instead of reacting compulsively in ways we later regret.  Regular practice equips us with tools that help us keep our balance, reflect with clarity and think creatively.

During this program, we will:

  • Explore the physiology of stress and the fight or flight response from the medical and yogic perspectives
  • Learn and practice mindful stretching, relaxation, deep breathing and meditation techniques that can quickly interrupt the cycle of overstimulation and restore physical and mental balance
  • Look at ways of thinking that cause stress, and how we can use constructive and deliberate thinking to counteract stressful thought patterns and help us sustain a clear positive mindset
  • Formulate a fun, sustainable and personalised take-home plan for ongoing stress management with Yoga

Join us to experience just how powerful an antidote Yoga is to stress, and how we really do have the option to live from a deep inner centre of steadiness, peace and joy