Residential Programs

“the weekend retreat was very enjoyable, excellent, positive, inspiring, spiritual and reviving, a great break, a great weekend.”

Residential retreat programs offer the experience of being fully immersed in a yogic lifestyle. In addition to the course material, you will also experience daily meditation, Hatha Yoga, deep relaxation, delicious organic vegan meals and time to be in the healing energy of nature.

Venue: Continental House, Hepburn Springs

Conti gardenContinental House is an iconic guest house nestled in peaceful Hepburn Springs,
approximately 1.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Set on an acre of gorgeous gardens, and newly renovated, Continental House offers a wonderful combination of a fabulous 1920’s building with modern amenities (including a traditional Turkish steam room) and the beauty of nature.

You can choose from twin-share (single beds or queen) or private rooms, each with en-suite bathroom.

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Residential Weekend Workshop

How Yoga Heals

Fri Jan 13, 6pm – Sun Jan 15, 2pm

“The deepest healing occurs when we let go of limiting beliefs and stories, allowing the energy and light of the Spiritual Self to shine into the body, heart and mind.” – Swami Ramananda

During this program we will explore the root causes of dis-ease and the many practices of Yoga that can help us address these root causes, allowing deep and lasting healing physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally. We will look at how Yoga helps us clear the pathway for our ever-present Spiritual Self – always peaceful, joyful, open and free – to be expressed and experienced in our daily life.

The program will include lectures/presentations, hatha classes, meditation and relaxation. It is suitable for those new to yoga and experienced practitioners.

Join Swami Ramananda as he shares his vast experience of the healing power of Yoga, exploring topics including:

  • How the Integral Yoga approach to Hatha Yoga works to heal – with practice and discussion of asanas (yoga postures), kriyas (cleansing practices), pranayama (breathing practices), and yoga nidra (deep relaxation)
  • The healing power of meditation – an overview of how to meditate and the science behind how meditation heals the body and mind
  • Guided practice to explore limiting beliefs and how we can release them, allowing us to live with greater ease, authenticity and freedom
  • We are what we eat! – through our direct experience of delicious organic vegan meals and group discussion, we will explore how what we eat effects the body and mind
  • The power of love and forgiveness for healing and spiritual transformation
  • How we can transform our daily work into our vehicle for deep heeling and service
  • Kirtan – the healing power of sound and song to clear the mind and open the heart
  • The option to participate in a Puja (a classic, yogic devotional ritual in honour of the Divine) for personal and world healing

There will also be time on Saturday afternoon, or Sunday afternoon (after the program officially ends) to further support your personal renewal with time in nature, a massage or steam bath in Continental House’s traditional Turkish Hammam.

Treat yourself to this opportunity for true nourishment, and return home with the tools you need for healing at the source – not simply remedying the symptoms – and opening to your natural state of balance, wellness, peace and joy.


4—Day Intensive: Meditation and Yoga – Dive In Deep!

Sun Jan 15, 6pm—Thurs Jan 19, 2pm, 2017

“Calming the mind is Yoga – not just standing on the head!” – Swami Satchidananda

Ideal for students with some experience of meditation and Hatha Yoga, this intensive retreat is a wonderful opportunity to dive deeply into your practice.

Give yourself the time to really immerse yourself in Yoga and meditation as Swami Ramananda shares his vast experience to help us deepen our practices and open to the experience of our true Spiritual Self – always present under the busy-ness of the mind, always peaceful, clear, joyful, open and free.

The program will include:

  • Three meditations each day – morning, noon and early evening – usually sitting but with the option for walking meditation included
  • Daily Hatha Yoga classes (level1 or 2/3)
  • Direct experience of the power of yogic diet to support our practices, as we enjoy delicious, light but filling organic vegan meals and snacks
  • Kirtan – the power of sound and song to connect us with our hearts
  • Free time each day so spend as you most need – for personal contemplation or additional meditation sittings, to recharge in nature, take a steam bath, to connect with like-minded yogis…

Each day there will be discussions and practical exercises with Swami Ramananda on topics including:

  • Setting the stage for meditation: how intention, prayer, posture and pranayama (breathing practices) support the deepening of our meditation practice
  • Taking meditation off the pillow – practice and discussion on how we can approach our daily life as a meditation in motion
  • The science of meditation – an overview of how and why meditation works, including how meditation can relieve and prevent stress and help us make conscious choices instead of falling into habitual reactions
  • The deep wisdom of Yoga – key teachings from Raja Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjaji
  • The power of mauna – deliberate silence – as a practice to help us clear the mind (with the option to practice mauna as a group for short periods each lunch time or individually for an extended period of your choice)
  • Pratipaksha bhavana: noticing where our inner stories – patterns of thinking and responding emotionally – are keeping us stuck and exploring how we can reframe and rewrite these stories to deeply support our experiences of peace, joy and freedom in daily life
  • Developing a daily practice – how to plan for success, address obstacles we may experience along the way and stay on the path to transformation!

There will also be time to refine your personal practice with Swami Ramananda’s individual guidance, and plenty of free time to connect with nature, enjoy time alone and with each other, enjoy a turkish steam or receive a massage.

Take the plunge! Come along to experience the wisdom, compassion and humour that Swami Ramananda brings from his deep personal experience of Yoga, connect with like-minded people, and leave with tools and practices that can truly transform your life!